Electric Bike Sales

Electric bike sales are on the increase and as more sell, it seems like more models appear available to buy. To match the popularity of these electric bikes, more and more advertisements are saying Buy electric bikes. This is of course is okay but if you are considering buying one, you must first consider exactly which bike you will want meaning, what size of motor will you want and where will you want that motor to be fitted on the bike? You will usually see that the bikes have a choice of size for their motors and these sizes range from 200 watts to 1000 watts, depending on exactly how much power you think you may need. You may not need much though as these bikes operate in three different modes, pedal only, pedal assist and motor only. In the pedal only mode, the motor remains off and the bike is only powered by pedal power. In this mode the only difference the size of motor makes is that the larger and heavier the motor, the more weight you have to pedal. In the pedal assist mode, the pedals are used to power the bike but, when they are in use the motor automatically switches on in order to provide more power, making it far easier to negotiate hills. As in this mode the motor is only adding additional power to the pedalling, the size of the motor is not that important. It is therefore only in the motor only where the size of motor is important but motors as small as 250 watts can provide speeds of 20 MPH and that is with using no pedal power at all, just relying on the motor to power the bike. What does also matter though is, the larger the motor, the faster the battery will need to be recharged. Once again using a 250 watt motor as an example, in the motor only mode the battery should last as far as 20 miles whilst in the pedal assist mode, could reasonably be expected to last as far as 40 miles. There are three components that make an electric bike different from a traditional bike and those are the motor, the battery and the controller but they only have a combined weight of as little as 20 lb. The4 battery and controller are usually located in the same place regardless of which bike you buy and there locations are; the battery is fitted behind the saddle where it is discreet and easy to recharge by just plugging into a mains socket. The controller is fitted to the handle bars where it is in easy reach of the rider. The motor however can be in one of three different places. When the motor is fitted to the hub of the front wheel, it directly provides power to that wheel. If the motor is fitted to the hub of the rear wheel, it provides power directly to that wheel. The third position is in the middle of the bike where it provides power directly to the drive chain.